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Barrel Type Dust Collector

Barrel Type Dust Collector

Special barrel type dust collector (blue drum). As workers make a final check of material in the the customer's open drum (represented by the dark green drum in this picture), the horse-shoe hood picks up any fine dust or toxic fume, delivering it to the second drum which is filled with activated carbon granules. A 99.97% DOP HEPA final filter at the top of the second drum assures that nothing can escape to the atmosphere. In practice, the dark green drum shown here represents fiber-paks being indexed down a conveyor line after filling and prior to being covered and sealed for shipment. Just another example of unique applications for Beckert & Hiester equipment.

Typical pricing is $ 1,500 to $ 7,500.
Contact Beckert & Hiester for a custom price quote on your project.

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